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Things to consider when financing a self-build

Can I afford to self-build?

Did you know that you can save 20-40% on self-build compared to investing in a new home? Although there is not one definitive answer to how much a typical self-build costs, our blog can help you evaluate whether you can afford to build – this is the first step in making your self-build journey a reality.

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Setting a self-build budget

Piggy Bank

Setting a budget for your self-build can be a daunting task but it’s an important one as it will help you keep your finances in check. Check out our handy tips to bear in mind during the process.

Top techniques for budget management

It can be difficult to manage your self-build budget when there are so many factors to consider. But there are several ways to save costs along the way, including buying in bulk and breaking down your budget for each stage of the build. Read our top techniques here.

Did you know?

An estimating service can take a lot of the hassle out of working out the budget for your build. 

Build Aviator offer an estimating service which is the most effective and comprehensive quantity take-off service available. They provide you with a speedy, accurate and reliable estimate of materials, labour and plant tool hire required to complete your build using products locally available to you.

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