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Services to consider for your self-build

Trusted self-build services from Saint-Gobain

Juggling deadlines, sourcing experts and evaluating costs are key to managing a Self-Build project so it's likely at some point during a self-build things might get stressful! Saint-Gobain provide a range of services for self-builders to help make life easier, and take the hassle out of your project.

Whole-house kit services: design and planning

Architectural drawings and plans for whole-house kits

Our Scotframe business, which produces whole-house kits provides architectural services for self-builders. We can provide drawings and calculations to meet your needs.

  • Basic planning drawings [to discuss with your local council];
  • Detailed planning application drawings [for your planning application or building warrant] or;
  • SAP and U-Value calculations so you know how your building will perform in terms of energy use
Looking at plans with architect and designer

3D design and visualisation

Scotframe  the timber frame whole-house kit manufacturers, can help bring your drawings and plans to life by providing you with 3D visualisation using their expert designers. These can help if you want to get a real feel for your home and how it will work, or to explain more to your contractors or council planning department .

3d self-build home visualisation

Home Designer

You can now visualise your self-build kit home with the Home Designer from Scotframe. Choose from 7 of their most popular timber-frame house styles and customise the windows, doors, external render, roof materials, internal features and much more to visualise your self-build home. 

Scotframe Home Designer

Thermal calculations [SAP assessments]

One of the most important aspects of a comfortable home is relates to your home's warmth. Designing your home with energy performance in mind is essential. Building Regulations also require minimum performance standards. Scotframe can help make sure your building is designing to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer and exceed minimum performance standards which will help to keep the running costs of your home down.




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Finding tradespeople for your self-build

For starters it's likely you'll feel a lot more confident by getting trusted experts on-board so make sure you've got up to speed with our tips for Finding Tradespeople.  There are a number of ways to find a tradesperson to work with on your project. Some schemes provide a high level of comfort for a self-builder through the efforts the scheme goes to to check the quality and expertise of the work done by the tradespeople. Some schemes even provide professional support in the case of any problems. 

Builder climbing stairs

Bathroom design

Bathroom design service

Neville Lumb provide expert advice and support throughout the entire design and specification process of your bathrooms. Supported by the industry’s most reliable suppliers, they have access to the latest product innovations, technical specs and drawings. Neville Lumb can help specify products that meet the latest legal and water-saving requirements, as well as provide designs that create fully functional, practical and modern bathing areas. neville Lumb offer bathroom ranges to suit all budgets that help to create your perfect bathroom, en-suites and cloakroom.

Marble tiles in bathroom

Buying, Sourcing materials

Specialist self-build accounts for buying your materials

Many builders merchants - Jewson, Gibbs and Dandy and JP Corry in Northern Ireland to name a few - have self-build accounts.

These accounts come with tailored advice and support so it's worth letting your local merchant know that you are embarking on a self-build. In addition to significant discounts some accounts also come with large credit limits - useful if any unexpected developments are straining the budget. For the Jewson self-build account this is up to as much as £20K. 

Neville Lumb - self-build account - JP Corry [Northern Ireland] - self build account -  Gibbs and Dandy - self-build account 

Jewson Customer Service

Planning materials for your schedule

Scheduling materials for your build schedule

Managing a site, making decisions, knowing what needs to arrive when and considering lead-in times for materials is one of the most difficult, time-consuming and stressful parts of a self-build. What's more, delays can cost you money and mean your tradespeople are not as efficient as you would want. 

This is where a professional scheduling service comes in, saves you time, money and helps make sure you don't forget anything!


Measuring building materials

Building Performance

Building Performance Testing

Saint-Gobain is an expert in building performance. It offers a range of testing services to help you ensure that the building you are designing will perform in the way you want it to. Whether it's acoustic performance [and limiting noise from outside, or inside!], air-tightness testing [to make sure your home is comfortable and will retain the heat] or SAP assessments to calculate your building's energy performance,  Saint-Gobain can provide the services you need. Services can start at pre-planning stages, through the build or once your self-build is complete!


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Estimating and calculating

Estimating service

An estimating service can take a lot of the hassle out of working out the budget for your build. 

Build Aviator offer an estimating service which is the most effective and comprehensive quantity take-off service available. They provide you with a speedy, accurate and reliable estimate of materials, labour and plant tool hire required to complete your build using products locally available to you.

This summer there's 25% off the service as well.


Quantity Calculators

As well as a full detailed estimating service you can use our handy calculators to estimate materials. Here you can find our brick, block, and tile calculators.


Brick and Block construction

Tool hire and site services

Discounted tool hire for self-builders

Tool hire can be a headache during a self-build project - particularly with numerous deliveries and shifting deadlines. 

Jewson promises tool hire delivery within four hours (subject to terms and conditions available through the link below) and always provides quality equipment from top brand manufacturers. Even better you can earn reward points and with over 300 branches nationwide, you're never far away from a branch.

Jewson Tool Hire

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