Is a timber-frame whole house kit right for your self-build?

What is a house kit and how can it be customisable?

Timber frame house kits are factory engineered houses/bungalows designed and manufactured to a specific building design, or a custom design if you prefer.  They are manufactured to high-standards by creating specific building components also called panels such as walls, floors and ceilings. These panels are made to the designed sizes and delivered to the building site together with everything else that goes inside the home - staircases, kitchens, bathrooms, doors etc. -  to create a high-performing home.


With so many choices in a self-build home - one of the real advantages of whole-house kits is that the whole process can be much more hassle-free. For example Scotframe provide a wide range of different designs to suit budgets, tastes and space requirements as well as a range of design and architecture services to help create exactly what you need 


High-performance, how?

House-kits are engineered under factory conditions and designed and built to very low tolerances. So each component is designed perfectly to fit together,  Scotframe use a technology called 'Val-U-Therm' - which involves high-levels of injected insulation to fill every void in the building's panels. Once constructed together the panels create an extremely efficient building fabric with no air gaps to let in draughts; creating a low-cost comfortable home all year round. 

What can be customised?

What your home looks like  and the layout is totally up to you! You can choose one of a wide range of standard designs or create a customised design to fit your tastes or the local environment. From external facades to windows, doors and door knobs to kitchens and staircases. You can configure your home how you want. However you customise your home - you will always have an efficient building, created from sustainable timber, that will last generations and have plenty of natural light.


Scotframe timber home
House kit home range

Choose your home design/style

You can choose from a wide range of house styles, sizes, and configurations, from 2 bedroom to 5. Bungalows, 2 or 3 storey homes or if you have a design in mind you can talk to Scotframe about a custom design!

Scotframe timber home

Customise windows to suit your taste

Scotframe supply everything you need including windows, which can be customised to suit your design and taste. Choose colour, style, contemporary or traditional and choose between high-performing double or triple glazing options.

Staircase inside self-build

Choose your staircase

Staircases can have an enormous impact on the design and flow of your home. From grand hall staircases to sleek modern staircases. Scotframe help you choose and design your staircase and will deliver this to site as part of the whole building package

Interior self-build inspiration

Internal doors

You can customise the feel of your home by choosing from a range of internal doors, hinges and handles. From modern doors to more traditional - solid wood to white finish. All the internal doors supplied are part of your full home package.

Self-build with timber cladding

External doors

Your home package can come with standard external door and patio door range. You can customise these to suit your tastes and the needs of your family. We love this the grey contemporary range for a modern look.

Modern kitchen

Internal woodwork

You can customise skirting, architrave and coving. These touches give you the chance to personalise your home and give it just the feel you want. 

Modern self-build kitchen

Kitchens and bathrooms

Let's face it - who doesn't love spending time in the kitchen and bathroom! Whether cooking with eth family, entertaining friends, or laying in a bath after a crazy day you can customise your bathrooms and kitchens to suit your exact tastes. All delivered as a seemless part of your build schdule.

Did you know?

Scotframe was acquired by saint-Gobain in 2016 and manufactures at two sites - one outside of Glasgow and one in Aberdeenshire. All timber used is from FSC [Forest Stewardship Council] sustainably managed sources.




Sketch of timber frame home