Saint-Gobain Values and Policies

Our policies

We have a wide range of policies that govern our actions when dealing with suppliers, material sourcing, community engagement, tax and many other areas. We share these openly so others can see how we act and understand our desire to be transparent. Read all about our policies on our Corporate Website.


Our principles and values

When you're dealing with Saint-Gobain you can be assured that we operate with our a deeply held set of fundamental values that unite the entire Saint-Gobain community, from senior management to junior staff. We call these our Principles of Conduct and Action. Our Principles of Conduct are: Professional commitment;  Respect for others; Integrity; Loyalty and Solidarity 

These values are underpinned by four Principles of Action that guide the actions of all corporate leaders and employees in the performance of their duties: Respect for the law; Caring for the environment; Compliance with workplace health and safety guidelines and Respect for employee rights

Our commitments

Wind Turbine

At Saint-Gobain we are committed to act as a responsible business. As a responsible business we have made a number of core commitments in areas such as: protecting our climate, human rights, water protection and more.

Read all about our commitments.