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Childs bedroom

Create a comfortable home

Designing your Self-Build with comfort in mind is so important. There are many factors to consider including acoustic comfort, visual comfort, thermal comfort and energy efficiency, when it comes to building an energy-efficient home

Designing for comfort

Calculator on plans

Budget better for your build

There's no one answer as to whether you can afford to Self-Build but our tops tips for budget management and handy calculators can help your dream become a reality. 

Financing your project

House with timber cladding

Choosing your materials

The advice of experienced tradesmen is crucial as they can advise you around choosing and sourcing the best materials. However, if you truly want the house to be a reflection of you it’s important to be as involved as you possibly can in this stage of your self-build as the materials you choose will impact on costs, comfort, performance and the finished look of your home.

Customising your Self-Build

A couple talking to an architect

Picking a tradesman

Finding a reliable builder or subcontractor can be difficult but having a good relationship with one is key. Read our tips on where to find one, what questions to ask and how to maintain that crucial positive partnership throughout the build. 

Finding the right support

A step-to-step guide to self-building

A guide to self-building

If you are new to self-building, or just want to see our thoughts on the steps involved in a self-build and what the process is, then download our guide.

The guide includes:

  • timeline of your build
  • the difference between custom and traditional self-build
  • finding a plot
  • planning permission and building regulations
  • building performance and much more.

Our Services and the Brands of Saint-Gobain

With more than 350 years of history in the construction industry we know a thing or two.

We offer self-builders a range of services and solutions from our stable of high-quality brands. But don’t worry we’re not here to give you a hard sell! We want you to be informed, and to help your project go smoothly. Most importantly of all we want you to enjoy doing your self-build project and helping you create the best, most comfortable, high-performing and inspiring home you can.

Learn more about our business and brands here.

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