Finding land

Finding a building plot can be tricky and the hardest part is knowing where to start. Don’t worry – our top tips will help you identify the ideal plot and give you some ideas on where to build. Plus, you can find out the benefits of seeking expert advice to make your self-build journey much more seamless. 

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Considering a whole house package?

Opting for a whole house package can be one of the easiest and hassle-free ways of creating your dream home. With the ability to create a customised design, helped by in-house designers you can choose everything for your package home from doors, to windows and much more. What's more, package homes, which are made off-site in a factory, are highly efficient, with high levels of insulation saving more in running your home. 

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Getting outline planning permission

Once outline planning permission has been approved, the next step is to make a reserved matters application which deals with all of the outstanding details of the outline application proposal. Our handy advice will guide you through the details needed and outline reasons for refusal too.


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Top techniques for budget management

It can be difficult to manage your self-build budget when there are so many factors to consider. But there are several ways to save costs along the way, including buying in bulk and breaking down your budget for each stage of the build. 

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Setting a self-build budget

Setting a budget for your self-build can be a daunting task but it’s an important one as it will help you keep your finances in check. 

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Can I afford to build?

Did you know that you can save 20-40% on self-build compared to investing in a new home? Although there is not one definitive answer to how much a typical self-build costs, our blog can help you evaluate whether you can afford to build – this is the first step in making your self-build journey a reality. 

Quantity Calculators

Do you need one pack or two?

Before you order, why not get a little help with our handy Quantity Calculators to help measure how many tiles, bricks or blocks you need to order for your project?

A step-to-step guide to self-building

A guide to self-building

If you are new to self-building, or just want to see our thoughts on the steps involved in a self-build and what the process is, then download our guide.

The guide includes:

  • timeline of your build
  • the difference between custom and traditional self-build
  • finding a plot
  • planning permission and building regulations
  • building performance and much more.

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