The importance of choosing your own materials

Choosing the right materials for your home is a crucial part of your self-build journey, helping you to build a dream home that is sustainable in the long-run.

Many people step back at this stage and hand the bulk of the decision making to architects, specifiers and builders. Of course, the advice of experienced tradesmen is crucial as they can advise you around choosing and sourcing the best materials. However, if you truly want the house to be a reflection of you it’s important to be as involved as you possibly can in this stage of your self-build as the materials you choose will impact on costs, comfort, performance and the finished look of your home.

Choosing the right materials

When it comes to choosing the right materials, there are three things to consider:

  • Life expectancy – Although it can be easier to choose cheaper materials to build your home, selecting high-quality materials will be beneficial in the long-run.
  • Energy-efficiency – Consider how much insulation is provided by materials such as walls, windows, doors and roofing. Choosing a better material will counterbalance the costs in future energy savings because you will use less electricity and gas to cool and heat your home.
  • Aesthetics – Think about what types of materials you find aesthetically appealing and try to find a balance between visual appeal, energy efficiency and cost.
  • Comfort - Ensure you do your research and take into account the benefits that different materials can bring to your lifestyle and well being. 
Modern room with light streaming in

Buying the right quantity

Once you've chosen the materials for your build, you need to work out the quantities that you will need. Ordering too much could see you waste materials and precious budget, but ordering too little could risk you delaying the build whilst you replenish your stocks.

Glass panels
Saint-Gobain logo

Improved safety and security with laminated glass

SGG STADIP PROTECT is a laminated glass that brings protection for people and living places. SGG STADIP PROTECT is composed of two or more sheets of glass laminated together with plastic foils (PVB) than ensures different level of safety and security. The required level of protection could be reached by adapting the thickness of glass and number of PVB foils.

Stadip Protect by Saint-Gobain Glass

British Gypsum Logo

Improved indoor air quality with special plasterboard

Impurities found in both our working and living spaces can cause health problems and a reduction in our general well-being. Pollutants called VOCs – volatile organic compounds – are naturally emitted into our homes, offices and schools by people, pets, cleaning products as well as furniture, carpets, paints and varnishes. ACTIVair is a new technology added to some British Gypsum products which converts formaldehyde into harmless compounds. 

Plasterboard with ACTIVair technology from British Gypsum 

Ecophon solo acoustic ceiling panel
Ecophon Logo

Improved acoustics with special ceiling panels

Perfect for use in existing or new build projects, Solo™ panels are suspended from the ceiling to absorb noise that travels upwards - a simple, flexible way to improve a room’s acoustics. Solo is a tried and tested acoustic solution from Saint-Gobain brand Ecophon - experts in acoustics. Made from high-density glass wool, they are ideal for rooms with high ceilings, or where ceilings are closer than walls to sources of noise.

Solo acoustic ceiling panels from Ecophon

International Timber logo

Improved sustainability with timber cladding

Whatever your project requirement International Timber offer a choice of timbers to meet a wide scope of cladding applications. Timber cladding provides an attractive, lasting and durable finish both for internal and external uses. Timber also has a low environmental impact being renewable, available from legal and sustainable sources, recyclable and consuming less energy. 

Timber cladding from International Timber

Isover insulation
Isover Logo

Improved thermal efficiency with heat retaining insulation

Spacesaver Ready-Cut loft insulation helps improve energy efficiency and reduces heating costs - ideal for new build applications. Isover Spacesaver Ready-Cut is a low density glass mineral wool roll supplied in 100-200mm thicknesses. The strong, resilient and flexible rolls are ready-cut to either 3x386mm or 2x580mm widths to fit between common joist spacing. Spacesaver reduces heat loss within the building and is manufactured from up to 86% manufactured glass.

Thermal insulation from Isover 

Timber roof
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Improved living space size with attic trusses

Attic or room-in-the-roof trusses are becoming increasingly popular as they offer increased living space without changing the footprint of the house, delivering maximum value to the self-builder and homeowner. and reducing the build cost per square metre. Pasquill and Roofspace, both Saint-Gobain brands, offer solutions made to meet your exact needs in factory conditions to ensure excellent performance and air-tightness.

Attic trusses from Pasquill