The best self-build inspiration boards on Pinterest

Creating a vision for your home can be all encompassing and we all need a helping hand when it comes to collating our ideas. Pinterest is a virtual pin board and social network where you can collect and save your self-build ideas into folders and discover the latest trends.

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From curating design ideas for your living room space to DIY tips on landscaping there’s something for every self-builder. We’ve sifted through and selected some of our favourite boards which feature cutting-edge, innovative and awe-inspiring ideas in design and interiors to spark the imagination and take your self-build to another level.

1/ Curate and Display

Scandinavian design has dominated interiors and homebuilding over the last few years. Its unfussy design and priority of function over form has captivated bloggers, designers and architects. One Kent-based blogger Tiffany Grant-Riley is inspired by the Nordic aesthetic and has beautifully blended contemporary design in her home. Her beautifully curated Pinterest board features pins from home styling and Scandinavian interiors to colour, texture and pattern.

2/ Kevin McCloud

We couldn’t resist a peek at Mr Grand Designs’ (yes, that’s presenter and architect Kevin McCloud) mood boards and we’re glad we did. Unusual and sustainable ideas pervade his pin boards and if you’re looking for a pinch of inspiration when it comes to building your own shed, well there’s plenty of quirky and outlandish images to get the creative juices flowing. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s even a selection of pins on drain covers. Yes, drain covers.

3/ House & Garden Magazine UK

British House and Garden magazine focuses on interior design, entertaining and gardening. We all know that as self-builders the house often comes first, and the garden second. In many cases, the budget seems to tighten when it comes to outdoor spaces so why not begin to imagine how those areas could work for you and your lifestyle. Have you thought about building in window seats looking out into your garden? How can you bring the outside, inside? Check out these stunning pins to begin creating your own boards.

4/ Dezeen

If you’re seeking a high end look for your self-build, why not take inspiration from Dezeen, one of the world’s most influential architectural, interiors and design magazines. With over 350 carefully edited boards on Pinterest and 10 million unique viewers per month, it’s easy to see why. There’s a plethora of sleek and sophisticated eye-catching pins from around the world to spark the imagination whether it’s on concrete facades, Chilean or Austrian architecture to brick interiors. You’ll find the most cutting-edge ideas in design and interiors from around the globe.

5/ Oh Joy! Builds a House

Blogger and designer Joy Cho of Oh Joy! is an LA-based self-builder who shares her journey as she embarks on constructing her first family home. We love Joy’s wonderfully vibrant and whimsical ideas, which can be viewed through her curated boards. You’ll find more than 4,000 pins on her ‘For the Home’ and ‘Oh Joy! Builds a House’ boards. Oh Joy! is a lifestyle brand with daily content on design and joyful moments from everyday life. She suggests that mood board-making is great for “bringing all your collected ideas together, plus you can see straight away what works and what doesn’t”.


And last but not least don’t forget our very own Pinterest @saintgobainukandireland which is packed full of self-build case studies and product and design inspiration.

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